November 20, 2015

ECO Printed Upcycled Clothing 1

I had a friend come over to check out my Calyx stuff from the weekend sale but we never made it downstairs to my studio as I showed her my Eco Printed clothing first and she bought this jacket! Eco Printed up-cycled clothing. This is 100% boiled wool, printed with eucalyptus, geranium, oak and rose leaves from my Calgary, Canada neighbourhood. The rose bush is actually from her front yard! 
Looks great on you, Jan!

This is a 100% silk blouse printed with brown onion skins, and oak, rose and dogwood leaves. 
Kerry, I am saving this one for you! Doesn't it look good on her?

This is a 100% silk dress that would look great over leggings. 
Oak and dogwood leaves from my neighbourhood.
And this is the one my daughter selected. This is a 100% silk front, 50-50 silk-linen back. 
Printed with Silver Dollar and Baby Blue Eucalyptus leaves.

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