November 22, 2015

ECO Printed Upcycled Clothing 2

Eco Printed up-cycled clothing.

This has a once-a-year production time for me. I will not be making any more pieces until next fall when the leaves turn once again.

But now I have a large variety of pieces, ranging from sleeveless shirts, long sleeve blouses, jackets, pullover sweaters, skirts, oversize blouses. The natural fabrics range from merino wool, linen (flax), silk, cashmere, cotton (and pima cotton), rayon (viscose), modal, tencel, wool - either plant or animal based. Sizes range from XS to XL.

Photos of some more pieces:

Cotton top / linen skirt:


This green silk one is sold.

100% silk:

These two are both sold - to the same person!

100% silk:

100% mohair:

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