October 21, 2016

EcoPrinting ... Natural Dyes... Botanical Prints...

Whatever you call it, I love doing it!
I spent the entire month of July at the Artist Residency printing clothing. After bundling them around different plant material and cooking them, the best part is opening up the packages and seeing what surprises there are for you.

At the end of the summer I have a rack of 70 pieces of clothing and the hardest part is picking 50 out to take to the Calyx Distinctive Arts show and sale on Saturday. (Good thing I have two more sales in November.)

I bought some display equipment and have been planning how to do a layout on it. This is the first stab at it. I will post from the sale tomorrow what the final display looked like.

Also on these racks I will have the oversized shawl scarves I dyed/printed.

In silk:

Silk Fleece:

Silk and cotton:

Silk and Cashmere:

And then there are the 50 regular-sized Devore silk-rayon blend scarves + solid silks scarves + velvet scarves. I am ready!

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