October 26, 2016


Seems like after every Calyx, my husband finally gets to do something with me because the busyness has slowed down.

This time we headed to Kananaskis Country, between Calgary and Banff, and went for a hike around the Upper Kananaskis Lake to see the Lower Kananaskis Falls. The day was overcast but quite warm for an October day in the mountains.

A view across the lake, looking west.

Dave with Mount Sarrail behind him and the Rawson Ridge that he climbed a couple weeks earlier above the treeline.

Lichen hanging off the trees.

A Three-Toed Woodpecker we came across, working away for his lunch. Love his yellow cap!

The turn-around point, the falls.

View across the lake, looking east, towards the Elk Range.

My favourite shot, above the lake, on the Palliser Rockslide, and the path we walked through it in the background.

It was a very quiet day in the mountains, we only came across 2 other groups and their dogs. On the way home, as the sun was setting, some of the ponds in different fields had swans in them! Either Trumpeter Swans that live north of Edmonton, or Tundra Swans who are migrating from the Arctic (I think Tundra, but we couldn't get close enough to see if they had the distinctive yellow mark on their beaks.) It was just the right place at the right time - I haven't seen them for quite a few years.

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Quietfire said...

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Putting that hike on our list! Thanks for sharing. (Wish I could have been at Calyx!)

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