November 11, 2016

Going through my inventory 2...

For the Contextural sale on November 19th I am looking through my inventory from past exhibitions to see what I still have around.

More pieces that I think I will be bringing are...

From the UNESCO Heritage Site show "ExtraOrdinary Places"  in 2008 of UNESCO sites I have visited were the amazing Stave Churches in Norway. Christianity came to Norway between 995 and 1030 AD. As a result, churches were built which were ornamental, with carvings such as dragon heads, that showed a marriage of Christian and Viking symbols. These churches take their names from the distinctive building techniques using vertical staves. From over 1000 that were built, less than 30 remain today.
Norway's Stave Churches - Urnes

Norway's Stave Churches - Eidsborg

From the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia study session in 2010 came the exhibit entitled "Bridging Waters" that toured England and across Canada from 2012 - 2014:

Erosion at Hopewell Rock 
The Hopewell Rocks of New Brunswick are the iconic Bay of Fundy postcard image. Erosion from the highest tides in the world going through twice a day has carved these red sandstone cliffs into strange and interesting shapes.
Full and Detail:

Always Something To Do
Based upon a photograph I took at the pier in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea NB this scene is recreated endlessly with men and their boats. The title refers to how it is a never ending job of maintenance against the ravages of salt water and marine life.

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