October 09, 2018


Exhibit runs October 16 through November 29, 2018
Sidney BC with Articulation Textile Group

Title: Open to Possibilities 
Size: 22”x17”x4"
Materials: cotton, silk chiffon
Techniques: silk screening with thickened dyes, hand embroidery

What does it take to leave behind everything you know and move to a new country? A certain measure of positivity, faith, and confidence; a belief that you can improve your life; a dash of desperation. The knowledge that others travel with you helps. All of these are reflected in this abstract piece in red and black (traditional Ukrainian embroidery colours) that evokes the symbolism of the open wreath: an openness to the possibilities of love, happiness, children, and all the blessings that Mother Earth provides. Interlocking circles over interlocking circles mimic the nature of community, that spider web of support that homesteaders counted on.

Because of the sheer numbers of Ukrainian immigrants – 180,000 between 1891-1914 – and the way they settled into communities together, they maintained many elements of their culture (language, customs, traditions) and established families helped new immigrants. Together, they built civic community, establishing churches, bilingual schools, libraries, and newspapers and entering politics, taking full advantage of all the possibilities provided by the blessings of Mother Earth.



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