October 02, 2018

WAR - A Personal Response

EXHIBITION runs October 16 - November 29, 2018
Sidney Museum, Vancouver Island, BC 

The six artists of Articulation Textile Group come together with their personal family 
responses to war, in all of its forms.

My Artist Statement about my Body of Work:
Our family never talked about the war. I was born 14 years after V-day and the world 
wars seemed ancient history. This project required much introspection about war’s 
effect on our family; learning about the Ukrainian internment camps brought it into 
focus – our connection is displacement and the difficulties of starting over.
Generally, my works begin with my hand-dyed fabrics, to which I add stitching, 
felting, stamping, and other techniques. My first forays into art were with paper, 
also employed here. My interest in such work comes through my Nana, whose 
hands were always busy – cooking, canning, crocheting, quilting, embroidering, 
knitting, gardening.
These pieces are about the mental and physical fortitude, capability, faith and 
confidence demonstrated by my great-grandparents, uneducated peasants who 
had known oppression and hunger, and how they left their world behind to build 
a brighter future for us.

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