March 31, 2019

Forest and Sea and the Place Between ART 1

In our current exhibition in the Portals Gallery in Duncan BC, I will have three pieces.


This piece was created from an 80-year-old woollen blanket found in a friend's grandfather's attic. After dyeing it, I felted three layers into one, echoing the way new trees grow from the biomass of the dead trees on the forest floor, which enables them to attain an enormous lifespan when free from man's interference. By transferring the motif onto the central square, emphasis was given to this sentinel of the forest - the Western Red Cedar. The spiral shapes echo the ferns that thrive in the shade, and the blues and greens echo the rain forest's principal colours that provide a calming presence to any who enter.

 Picking the threads and dyeing the wool
In progress with the stitching
More stitching

The completed piece

And detail - the bands of colour on the four sides are densely stitched by machine.

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