August 14, 2008

Saskatchewan Prairies, Farmers and Wheatfields

Articulation is heading to Saskatchewan for its yearly study session and annual AGM. Each year we gather from across the country (British Columbia to New Brunswick) for one week to study a Canadian ecosystem and produce a future exhibition based upon our photographs, sketches, on-site and remote research, and resulting original designs done by each of us.

Initial brainstorming to jump start the creativity includes....
wild flowers/ grasses
open skies

For more info on the Prairie ecosystem, check out the Canadian Diversity Web Site hosted by McGill University at:

And the "Prairie Sky" was voted one of the Seven Wonders of Canada.
Watch the film on this CBC page to see some awesome skies in various seasons, at sunset, and during storms.

So, this blog will be quiet for the next little while as I attempt to get a start on our latest topic for study.

Previous topics and places we visited for the Articulation group include:
2004 - Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta - we created an exhibition on the Canadian Badlands.
2005 - Cold Lake, Alberta to study northern lights and ice formations - this became the basis of our exhibition on Martin Frobisher and his quest for the NW passage which was shown in Calgary and Banff, Alberta and Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2006 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - we are currently working on upcoming shows with designs based upon the architecture of the heritage buildings in the downtown area.
2007 - Vancouver Island, British Columbia - we are currently working on an upcoming show on the rainforest ecosystem of the Pacific NW.
2008 - Regina, Saskatchewan - Prairie landscapes.

The Articulation textile art group is made of Canadian 'City and Guild of London' classmates Miriam Birkenthal, Donna Clement, Leann Clifford, Gloria Daly, Wendy Klotz, Ingrid Lincoln, Linda MacKay, Vickie Newington, ReBecca Paterson, and Lesley Turner.

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