April 19, 2010

Matching Piece - FERN

This technique is called 'thread painting' - drawing a picture with a needle and thread rather than using a pencil or brush. Again the base is a piece of hand-dyed, hand-made felt that was done on the Embellisher. This is a sewing machine that uses no thread, rather there are multiple barbed needles that mesh the layers of fibres together into one new creation. Onto this I stitched the main image in the center by stitching the negative space so that the fern frond in the centre would pop out.

The outer border is densely stitched stripes of colour that mimic the light and brightness the lowly fern brings to the rain forest when sun manages to sneak through the upper canopy and brighten up the surrounds.

Called FERN, its size is 15" x 15".

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