May 06, 2010

Quilt Canada 2010

As invited stitch artists to the national QUILT CANADA 2010, our group Articulation was thrilled to be a part of this major show. Held at the Convention Centre in downtown Calgary this past week, we talked to a large number of the approximately 2000 people who entered the doors each day.

We started the week with three cars loaded to their brims with art, tables, ladders, a tool box, and easels.

Once we entered the building and started hanging the show... two days had past!

Gradually it all came together and we gathered to do our ritual tour where each artist talks about their pieces so that when the time comes to tour other people around, we can all talk about every piece in the show.

We had two scheduled 'gallery talks' during the four day show and were able to break into smaller groups as seven of the nine Articulation artists had travelled to Calgary for this week. For all the rest of the time we would talk to people individually and explain who we were and the stories behind our art.

above: Gloria S. Daly's Tangled - and Leann Clifford's (top) Autumn Leaves (bottom) Wheat

Ingrid Lincoln's Graffitti and Cityscape - and Lesley Turner's Meadow

Vickie Newington's Alley - and Wendy Klotz's The Kelly Building

Lesley Turner's Provisioning - and Donna Clement's Motif de Fleur

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