January 22, 2011

Page-a-Day Journal for 2011

A friend of mine brought to my attention Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord's blog. More specifically, her video on a Word-A-Day Journal 2011. These books were just too cute not to dive into and make a collection of my own.

The books are made of five signatures, each completed one measuring 2" by 3". They are bound by months, so there are 12 of them in total, with ~30 pages each. She originally made them as a word-a-day journal, but I think I will be using them more as a work and life journal for this year 2011.

I had to travel midway through this month, which involved a 10-hour day in airports (just to get across Canada!), so I went through my collection of painted papers and cut 60 pages to size in a colour wheel assortment. On the plane I was folding and glueing. Once I got home, I added the covers...

And then made a box to keep them in, which measures 5" x 3" x 2".

Because I have used such a variety of papers, I will have to experiment with a variety of pens to write on the pages - that will be part of the fun!

1 comment:

Arty Nancy said...

Absolutely the coolest little books. You did a great and arty job of it!!

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