September 22, 2011

Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

Although we are not 'hikers' by any means, my husband managed to talk me into getting out to view the wildflowers in Banff National Park. So the middle of August we headed up to Sunshine Meadows...

Situated at an average elevation of 2220m (7300 ft), the meadows straddle the Continental Divide and the boundary between Alberta and British Columbia. The Sunshine Meadows are known as one of the most stunning alpine settings in the Canadian Rockies, surrounded by some of the Rockies highest peaks.

As their brochure reads "wildlife abounds in the meadows, and the brilliance of the summer flowers and autumn larches guarantees spectacular scenery on every visit." I would say their guarantee works. Even though this was 4 hour hike for us, the trekking poles are a wonderful invention that enable one to go further and steeper than they imagine they can!

Rock Isle Lake:

Columbia ground squirrel looking for a handout:

viewpoint overlooking the Simpson River Valley:

It was 'wildflower week', and the alpine wildflowers were in full bloom:


karin said...

We love this place too and had the pleasure of visiting it with friends from Britain earlier this summer. Lots to see and such nice people to meet along the way. thanks for posting great photos.

Donna Clement said...

I do think more tourists to Calgary know about this place than the locals!

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