October 17, 2011

Fall Art Sales

I have been busy all summer, dyeing silk scarves, sewing small framed tabletop pieces, making more necklaces and brooches...

Here are photos of some of what I will be selling at the three sales I am participating in this fall:

Infinity Scarf, also known as an Unisex Circular Scarf. One of four colourways:

Silk-Rayon Devore Scarf - many different patterns, sizes, with and without fringe:

ECO dyed silks, also known as 'natural dyeing'. These pieces are done with dried roses, coffee, hollyhocks, cherries, fresh rose petals, raspberries. Solid silk scarves, silk-rayon devore scarves, velvet devore scarves, and silk chiffon scarves:

Small framed pieces for tabletops, most 4"x6" size:

"Keepsake Pouch" necklaces. Made with linen thread and 2000 stitches, these are decorated with beads and buttons, and filled with semi-precious stones. Here are 2 of the 9 different coloured bags:

Brooches - an artist-made fabric of silks, organzas, cottons, tulle fused together with a wood burning tool, then beaded and hand embroidered. Various shapes:

Now I would like to share these with you - hope I see many of you over the coming months...


Quietfire said...

Oooooo!!! Sweet! I wanna come shop!!

Donna Clement said...

I have almost 80 scarves - so much colour it is a feast for one's eyes!!

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