November 11, 2019

Connected Heritage

(I missed an entire exhibit!!)

Connected Heritage
by Articulation Textile Group

  The question is often asked: How does an exhibition come into existence?  In this case it is the result of the combined efforts of a group of artists who have exhibited throughout Canada and England since 2004. 

  The group, Articulation, visited Gimli and the surrounding area in 2017. They explored the Interlake landscape and cultural connections specific to the region. 

   Inspired by the heritage of this unique destination, members expressed their personal responses in textiles using thread, paint, and mixed media. These works explore the culture and landscape of the region and make connections between this region in the the heart of Canada and the diversity of the Canadian peoples. 

  The New Iceland Heritage Museum agreed to display this body of work. We are grateful for their participation in this project. 

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