May 10, 2013

Articulated Materials: Bridging Waters

Finally the opening of our first Canadian showing of the exhibit that toured England in 2012! And it is so much more... as we have been able to add pieces to it.

The show opens at THE CRE8ERY GALLERY in Winnipeg, Manitoba today, May 10th.

The name Articulated Materials is from the name of the two groups: ARTICULATION, the Canadian art group represented by fibre artists from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick; and MATERIAL GIRLS, the British fibre art group based around London UK.

Bridging Waters refers to the two iconic bodies of waters that each group studied in their own country: the Thames River and the Bay of Fundy.

Here is the poster I designed using an image of Ingrid Lincoln's work.

IF you are attending the Embroiderers' Association of Canada national conference called "Seminar 2013" (40th anniversary) then take in this show as part of the gallery tours.

We have two other galleries booked for this exhibit in 2013 in British Columbia and New Brunswick...

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